Fed up of workouts and still no results?

When you have been working out several times a week to be fit and loose a little? You need to follow a routine which counts a set pattern of exercises for a particular time period that you follow on daily basis. A routine helps you get maximum results in a minimum period of time.  A fact under the topic exercise for fitness and weight loss states that in order to lose safely you need to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and get for yourself a plenty of exercises.

How exercising helps you?

Exercising helps you burn your extra calories and builds muscles which eventually increases your metabolism, and so burn even more calories and lose more weight.

Now take out your workout clothes and pick a set of one of these exercises for shedding pounds to get a new you!

  1. Walking


Walking has been proved as the ideal exercise for weight loss:  and also it doesn’t require anything other than a decent pair of shoes! And above all you need not to pay for any membership here!  Since it is a low-impact exercise, it won’t affect your knees or give you any other stress injuries that may make you bed addict for weeks.

To deal with health issues as obesity and heart diseases, walking is an effective cure. Depending on how much you walk and at what pace you walk, you can burn upto 5 to 8 calories @ four miles per hour.

  1. Cardio


Adding a little to your daily routine can take you far in terms of fitness and weight loss.  All you need to do is insert small intervals of exercise in your routine. It can be anything as regular walks, swimming, running, bicycling, elliptical sessions etc.  These exercises set your metabolism to a higher rate and takes time to slow down again. This thus equals the calorie burn after you have showered and toweled off yourself.

  1. Interval Workouts


Go for interval workouts as

  • A walk or run on a treadmill workout.
  • A walk, run and the sprint workout.
  • An elliptical workout session
  1. Working with Weights


The best way to bring up the muscles is with weights. When you perform weight exercises, it is not about burning fat, it’s about building the muscle.

  1. Go for high intensity workouts


Try the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which gives you the same burning and belly blasting benefits but in a shorter interval of time. This just says that vary your intensity while you do your circuit workout session or regular exercises, changing pace will bring on the change rapidly than ever.

  1. Love for workout


Go for a workout session that you will love to follow! Uniformity will become your key to weight loss! Find a workout session for yourself that doesn’t seem like one. Go for a dance class or a brisk walk after dinner or gym, or anything that you feel entertaining for yourself.

Some of the ones you can do are

  • Zumba Workout
  • Yoga Hybrid workout
  • PlyoJam Workout
  • A Bollywood dance routine Workout

The best solution is to just take care of your meals and hunger! Eat whenever you actually feel hungry. You won’t lose if you having more calories than you burn. So, Beware! If you actually want to cut the fat and lose weight, begin working out. You are now on the track since you are on the right page.

Make your minutes count with these workout sessions! Read more on exercises and being superfit ideas on the website.