Since its popularity you might be familiar with the fact about yoga being related to flexibility, health and fitness.Read below to get a thorough knowledge about the style of yoga matching with your needs, abilities and preferences.Stop being rigid about your body and allow the muscles to move.Don’t be shy or hesitant to try yoga poses in a room full of 20 people or more! Think about the gains! Think about the benefits!

Yoga is named to the practice of performing different poses or postures.All the poses have their varied physical benefits and most importantly they can be done in continuity thus warming up the body through the muscle movements and this slowly increases the stamina.  However, performing each pose accurately requires knowledge about the asana and the way it should be performed.

People often confuse yoga with stretching since most of the asana’s involve elongated muscle movements. But it is certainly not! Yoga is something about creating and maintaining a balance of mind, body and soul by developing strength and flexibility. Most yoga styles are also concerned with mental and spiritual well being than being a physical activity only. Yoga must be followed as per your personal comfort. Any pose, technique or instructor instruction will not benefit you until followed as per your body’s behavior. With such diversity, there are plenty of exercises varying person to person. So it’s not that you have to pick up your pace as any other individual performing same asana for same interval. You should continue as per your body flexibility and should not push yourself beyond a level where you feel uncomfortable and feel that you can’t move forward. Anyone can do yoga even if you have a stiff body. The body’s elasticity develops over time.Another charismatic thing about yoga is that, that it develops the feeling of letting go ego and accepting people and things as the most positive way it can be.

What it includes?

Yoga classes include breathing exercise, chanting, meditation, or some thoughtful reading by the teacher. Classically, yoga at gym will be followed by physical benefits in particular then if you are at some yoga centre than it will be more of a spiritual class. Some enjoy the spiritual side while others enjoy the low-impact workout that makes you feel great.

To lose weight, vigorous exercises as Ashtanga and Power Yoga are followed which are forms of cardiovascular exercise and if done regular helps reducing weight.Doing yoga in common, builds strength but some exercises might not constitute to weight loss as weights and cardio do.

Why yoga?

The various health benefits of yoga are as

  • Helps you stay relax.
  • Improved overall muscle tone and alignment.
  • Increased oxygen intake.
  • Better sleep and less fatigue.
  • Strengthened immune system and lungs.

When performed under proper guidance, it often treats you with valuable physical treatment.

Many effective yoga forms and what you should expect from them are as follows:

  • Power: helps harness power through athletic and active poses.
  • Ashtanga :it is good for guys trying to go for a workout that gives their body a progress in terms of fitness.
  • Hatha: this is the widest style form and common one. Helpful for a gentle start or if you are nurturing an injury.
  • Restorative: you will get a chance to destress yourself using many props as blocks,, blankets that do not exert the body.

It is not that yoga does not give proper fitness but yes you need an exercise form as cardiovascular training to go withwith the fitness benefits of yoga. So give yourself enough time like 8-12 weeks at least to see the progress bar.Give a hit on another links for detailed yoga poses, their postures and how they help you in varied fields at .

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