About Me

Hey, people, this is your personal fitness trainer Gurcharan Singh. Staying fit and encouraging people to stay fit was one of my aims and that triggered me to opt for this profession. Though I am a B.Tech graduate in (CSE). But fitness was such an emotion to me that I felt more comfortable with providing fitness training and not with my degree knowledge.

I have interacted with all subdivides of fitness and weight loss. That also helped me to train people better and stay fit. I have been a personal trainer, nutrition guide, fitness idol and much more in my career. I feel blessed to be in such multiple roles which inspires people to stay fit and live longer.

You must be thinking that how am I this much motivated. To be very frank let me tell you I had a long story behind. Though I have started my life with fitness training one day a sudden accident changed my life. On 22nd August 2015. I had a major injury in my writ of the left hand and which in turn broke the wrist. Though the injury was healed and my wrist was again in shape after treatment of 6 months but still, I was not able to work out properly. Even I could not do all gym workouts, lifting weights was a big problem for me. My doctor didn’t allow me to lift more than 5 to 10kg weight altogether. But I am not such a person will give up. I believe in the phrase NEVER GIVE UP. And that boosted me up again to fight for my dream. It took me more than a year to make my wrist complement all workout and get me back in form. I was happy about my stubborn decision of not giving up and finally, that helps me to overcome a huge physical problem and get back on track. Though this journey took quite a long time I had great learning from it which inspired me profusely.

I am lucky to be the first choice as a fitness trainer for a number of people but you may not know why I have opted for this profession. I feel that health, nutrition and fitness these three words are interrelated. To balance your health condition you need to have proper nutrition and that can also help you to stay fit. I want to make my client feel free of health hazards and lead a healthy and active life. I feel that hard work, motivation towards fit life and a proper guide can make every life healthy. I try to play a little role in motivating and guiding people towards fitness.

I guide for

Muscle gain– Many clients come and say that they are not able to gain weight which makes them below standard body weight and depressed. My research has proved that if a person gets a healthy diet and proper workout, he or she can easily gain weight. If they don’t have major health problems then I put all my effort to get the proper weight and shape.

Weight loss– I have found that most of my client comes with the problem of obesity but with my experiences a try to motivate them till they get their desired weight loss.  It feels good to see people stepping forward to fitness with my guidance. In my career, the main thing I have gained is the happiness of people after getting fit.

Workout corrections– In most of the cases, I found people working out but not getting the desired results. This is because they are not doing the workout correctly. When they come to me, I try to give them proper guidance and correct their posture or method of working out. Because working out with improper posture may lead to many health problems in future.

What I feel is that if anyone is willing to stay fit he/she should be guided. You may fail many times but NEVER GIVE UP. When I can stick to this line then why can’t you. Being in love with fitness I try to be a good inspiration for all who are yet to start their journey of fitness. After going throu.gh all hurdles if I have been able to reach this position then you can also. Stay fit, live fit and make everyone fit.  

If you are in search of a complete fitness guide then you must visit on my website (staysuperfit.com) Stay Super Fit providing you fitness guide from every aspect. They will tell you such things that you may have not imagines yet. Enjoy staying fit with Gurcharan.