Read the best workout strategy; get the desired shape thus improving your aerobic endurance! Aerobic means improving or involving oxygen consumption by the body. It therefore enhances respiratory and circulatory efficiency improving oxygen consumption of body.Jogging, marathons, cycling and cardio are some exercises you can do to uplift your aerobic endurance.It has been a fact since ages that to lose fat you must do aerobic exercises. Aerobic basically means consuming oxygen to develop force and use muscles thus for activity.Another sort of exercise implies anaerobici.e without oxygen. This means that it uses fast twitch muscles to generate force. Example exercises or workouts can be sprinting, high-intensity weightlifting and isometric holds.

Cardio and aerobics are two completely different terms. Cardio is related to heart and vessels and aerobics is linked with consumption of oxygen for doing activity. Athletes often need high aerobic/ anaerobic endurance to carry out the body’s daily activity needs. Brisk walking, jogging are some exercises that marks the start of aerobics in your routine. When you do aerobic exercise an amount of ATP is released i.e Adenosine TriPhosphate which relates to the release of energy. When high-intensity exercises / sports are performed like sprints, shot put throw which consume high energy in short period that is when anaerobic endurance comes into play. Briefly, aerobic energy system is most preferred by the body system that uses low intensity energy for a longer  time thus increasing body resistance for a particular activity.

Anaerobic is preferred when short term high intensity activities are to be performed.  How it helps in body shaping is by the way when you improve your endurance for these two activities. Workouts/ exercises for uplifting endurance in both cases are quite similar.They however work together and help in improving body’s overall energy production efficiency.

Aerobic endurance can be best be increased by cardiovascular exercises as skipping, jogging, walking, swimming etc. These exercises also come into 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

If you are a Beginner, you can achieve high levels of endurance by just starting out with cardiovascular exercises. Be a little more enthusiastic and you can bring fitness into your life!

  • Adopt walking, even if it buying your grocery; have a brisk walk to your store/supermarket.
  • Move your legs, use stairs instead of lift to keep your muscles moving.
  • Make jog a routine. A small jog routine across your nearby park will refresh you and your body.

For Intermediate people, implying the one who have cardio as a part already in their lifestyle; you can increase by slowly increasing the length of your cardio session.If initially you were doing it for 15 minutes, 5 times a day, now start doing it 25-30 minutes.Once your body adapts this pace increase the session time and intervals in a day. But keep one session for at least 2 weeks,so your body may get adapted to it and so can strive and do more of it.

In Advanced category, you will be doing High Intensity Interval Training and implies that you are at good level of body endurance.

Since Anaerobic exercisesare high intensity but short term they cause muscles to fatigue soon. Increasing endurance here would mean that you are increasing your body’s ability to resist fatigue.

So if you are determined to perform and give 100% to every single second of your workout your endurance for work/activity and fitness will just be unbeatable! Find more on varied exercise pattern on