Cardio exercises are activities that are meant to target the cardiovascular system. They can include walking, jogging, running, swimming, bicycling, rowing and cross-country skiing.

The main purpose of cardio exercises is to increase the heart rate of a person, thus improving the cardiovascular system.

Cardiovascular” the description for cardio. When you say cardio exercise it simply refers to the ones which directly affect your heart rate.

human cardiovascular system

The term introduces the circulatory system including heart and blood vessels. When you say you do cardio exercises it means that you are performing endurance exercises that strengthen the network of muscles and heart.

These are done for longer time period, thus making the heart beat faster; make it pump more blood through the system which circulates the oxygen and nutrients to every cell.

It involves large muscle movements over a prolonged period of time keeping the heart rate to least 50% of its maximum level.

Cardio exercises entail walking, running, bike riding, and swimming, rowing and aerobic workouts.Human bodies are made to move and so move it for your own good health and attain a desired shape.

Keep the muscles in shape by regular exercise routine, making you more healthy and efficient. Our heart is a muscle and for its proper functioning it is necessary that we keep our muscles moving.

A strong cardiovascular system means more of the capillaries introducing more oxygen into the muscles.This thus helps burning muscles at a faster rate during exercise and lethargy.

Why Cardio Exercise is Important?

why cardio exercise is important

Any physical activity that takes your heart rate to 50-70% can be classified as cardio. Since it can be anything as sweating, running, biking, skating, swimming and more, you might now be thinking for why to do Cardio?

You can do cardio exercises in the comfort of your living room without worrying about neighbours being disturbed. A number of exercises are there that you can do it on your own as Inch Worm, Power Skip, Mountain Climber Twist, High knees and much more.

To attain more info on these check out the complete website on how to perform the varied exercises for cardio.You may have numerous questions engaged amid your mind and work out saying how much work out to do, how hard to do and why you require it at the first place.

According to researches and guidelines published, it is enlightened that a moderate intensity exercise for 5 days a week for 30 minutes or cardio for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week is enough to stay physically fit.

However, for weight loss it may be upto 60-90 minutes depending on your diet and physical activities performed.


  • Stronger Heart and Lungs
  • Weight Loss, Increased Bone Density
  • Reduces Stress
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy Levels
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • You set an example for Youngers to stay fit and active.

You can follow a few exercises as follows as cardio:


Being the most popular way of workout at gyms and even home, it puts your heart rate and pace stats on fingertips, giving you an effortless control over your effort and speed.

If you have a hard day, following treadmill, then having another hilly workout will cause fatigue.

However, instead of this follow a routine that is having a levelled workout and treadmill so as to avoid the point of diminishing returns.

  • Elliptical

Out of all the cardio exercises, elliptical exercise is the one that gets the most attention about it being easy, mindless workout. Even if it is, it helps you burn a lot, improves fitness and raises your heart rate even more than as by treadmill.

Don’t slouch when on machine since it will make your workout easy and give yourself a favour. Instead stay upright without hunching. Irregular or wrong exercise pattern may cause you low back pain and muscular imbalance.

Also use handles for a total workout routine. For more on elliptical exercise check our other pages briefing you daily exercises you can follow.

  • Cycling

Since it is a low impact exercise, your hips and knees are more strengthened and less stressed and so you feel good and less tired after a ride as compared to running or any other exercise. This natural phenomenon involved makes it a lifelong activity. Comparatively, cyclists live two years more than non-bikers scientifically. Time to make your childhood accompany your friend again!

  • Paddling

Paddling indeed is a great exercise type providing incredible aerobic and cardiovascular effects as well as upper body strength.

It is a great exercise form and along with proves to be a great workout for your back, abs and arms. Some do it as a regular fun, enjoying with their loved ones. Rail on water waves and live a happy and healthy life!

It will be great if you follow exercise because you want to, not just because you have to. It is really possible to make the above true and make your life more enjoyable then ever- you just have to work on it!

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