Cardio exercise is the most popular form of physical fitness. It helps you lose weight, strengthens your heart and lungs, and lowers blood pressure. You can even improve your mental health, memory, and sleep. It’s a great way to improve your overall health. Let’s take a look at some of the best cardio exercises for weight loss.

My aim is to show you the best and practical way to burn stomach fat, so you can finally flaunt a well-toned stomach. I am Gurcharan Singh – Nutritional Consultant and Physique Transformation expert to help you get toned and sexy abs.


You can not target a particular part of your body, such as your stomach OR belly, for weight lose. But boosting the intensity of your cardio workouts OR exercises will help you lose more weight overall.

So, are you ready to break a serious sweat? Here are the best cardio exercises for lose belly fat very quickly.

The 8 Best Cardio Workout To Lose Belly Fat:

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Squat Thrust
  3. Mountain Climber
  4. Kettlebell Swing
  5. Tire Run
  6. Small Sprints
  7. Burpee Spike
  8. Shadow Boxing

Cardio Exercises for Women

Cardio Exercises for Women to weight loss

Cardio exercises don’t create the body into 6pack abs but make your body more efficient to work. Our heart is a muscle, exercising keeps our muscles stronger and efficient. So, a stronger cardio system means more oxygen supply to the cells in our muscles.

Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercises

  1. Increased heart rate and strong heart muscle
  2. Increased metabolism of body, its more burning of calories
  3. Burning of fat
  4. Prevents fluctuation in blood glucose level
  5. Protected and improved heart
  6. Reduced risk of Cardio diseases
  7. Reduced risk of Heart attack

Cardio exercises to lose belly fat at home

Cardio Exercise for Stomach Fat or belly fat

Excessive fat anywhere in our body is of great concern. The soft and squeezy-subcutaneous fat is not as dangerous, but hard to be reduced with diet. Cardio exercises may help these fats to shrink.

Performing high-intensity interval training such as speed skaters, jumping jacks, burpees, jumping lunge, squat jumps with marching will help to reduce your belly’s fat.

Workouts with primary muscle groups, i.e., chest, abs, back, legs, hips, arms and shoulders, stimulates the release of hormones that help burn fat, especially of the belly area.

The following are the cardio workouts that can be chosen as per the requirement of calories to be burnt by a particular individual.

  • Stair Stepper: 223 Calories
  • Circuit Training: 298 Calories
  • Step Aerobics: 372 Calories
  • Elliptical: 335 Calories
  • Jumping Rope: 372 Calories
  • Stationary Cycling: 391 Calories
  • Running 6mph: 372 Calories


Quite simply, you cannot spot reduce: The very best fat burning plan includes both an extensive exercise routine — along with cardio and strength training — and a healthy eating regimen. So read here Weight Loss Diet Plan

Best cardio exercises to reduce belly fat quickly at home

exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home

Belly Fat can be reduced by controlling a high-calorie diet and by practicing high-intensity cardio exercises.

When a person controls his/her calorie intake and on the other hand performs intense interval training, the heart will require more calories to burn. In that case, the stored fats of the belly, subcutaneous and visceral is burned.

To start with cardio exercises, a warm-up for 5-10 mins at an easy pace. It should then be followed by the exercise of your choice – like cycling, outdoor track or exercising on the treadmill.

In the case of high-intensity interval training, the warm-up for 5-10 mins and then exercise harshly for 30 seconds to 4 mins at a time. Cardio exercises for burning belly fat should be complemented with strength training for better results. Strength training helps in losing weight and reducing body fat.

The following are the benefits of strength training:

  1. It helps in retaining the muscles
  2. It helps in a greater level of post-exercise oxygen consumption
  3. Increases bone density
  4. Improves cholesterol level
  5. Increases blood flow

Aerobics Exercises for weight loss

best cardio exercise to lose belly fat at home

Aerobic exercises increase your heart rate and improve the body’s metabolism. It is also known as cardiovascular exercise. It involves large muscle groups in action. Aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise increases the activity of the lungs as the need for oxygen by the body in exercise increases.

The importance of benefits of aerobic exercise are numerous:

  1. It increases the energy level
  2. Increases the heart and lung efficiency
  3. Reduces stress
  4. Improves the mental health
  5. Controls the blood pressure

There are so many benefits of aerobic exercise to lose weight that it is easy to stay motivated. In this article,  you can get whole information on aerobic exercise benefits.

The aerobic exercises can be performed indoors as well as outdoors. It is not necessary to join a gym to improve fitness. It can be acquired just by vigorously using your muscles.

Those exercises are the best that increases your heart rate and leads you to sweat. Running, jogging, or just exercising or simply dancing on your favorite number can also assist you a lot.

Note: So, Please do all the exercises in quick succession to get results quickly, rest 1 to 2 minutes, then repeat a couple of more times. The complete workout ought to take about 30 to 35 minutes

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