Biceps are one of the key body parts that many people focus on while building muscles.  Nicely developed arms, make you noticeable by other groups and let others know that you are a workout addict!

Muscular arms make you look fit while you can show them anytime and anywhere. It should be noted that triceps are a major part of arms and thus should not be neglected.  Working out on triceps along will give you the optimal result. While starving to maximize the size, lifted heavy weights must be set as priority. Go for exercises that allow you to lift the heaviest weights possible while exercising. Most of you will follow rows and lat-pulldowns, which focus on biceps and triceps as well thus taking you to the right track for developing the best arms.

The main five gym exercise for biceps is:

  • Barbell Curl


To maximize the strength try performing barbell curls which thus overload biceps with heavy weights. Barbell Curl is thus one great exercise to maximize strength development. The most common mistake of this exercise is that at times you cut the movement pattern short, and that then you restrict the momentum to cause you lean backward as you lift the weight upwards.

Here, momentum actually performs the work than muscles. If performed in slow and controlled manner, it reduces the chances of going off track.

  • Incline Dumbbell Curl


This exercise helps you solve the momentum riddle, since it limits the back momentum. This exercise puts maximum stiffness on the bicep muscles belly. It since uses lower weight, so as long as you are pushing yourself hard; maintaining proper form with lower weight will be the way to go for results.

  • Standing Bicep Cable Curl


It’s just a showboat exercise! Cable curls are accurate if you wanna target deep-tissue muscle fibre. A constant tension is provided by the cable, since the pattern of movement is slightly less stable with this exercise. This will thus cause all the stabilization muscles encircling the biceps into play as you perform. It thus has a decided pattern of workout.

  • Reverse grip Bent over row


Reverse- grip rows put immense stress on bicep muscles in comparison to straight rows, thus being a better exercise targeting particularly on biceps. It focuses both on the biceps muscles and back, it merely depends on your workout pattern.

  • Concentration Curl


It stimulates the biceps from one end to the peak in the center. To blast your bicep growth, last exercise to be added to your routine is concentration curls. It also limits the degree momentum that runs into while executing and places all the emphasis right on the muscles.

This one is a good workout to add in your routine if you are looking to exhaust your muscles and finish up giving your muscles a new size!

Perform the above mentioned in the right pattern, as a slight movement change can stimulate muscles in different ways. In most people there is a slight difference in arm size, barely 1 inch which is embarrassing as well as frustrating. Since you are here, the mentioned workouts are the solution for you!

Do not settle up for anything less than the best! Stick to no.1 (Barbell curl) and do that as your sole bicep exercise every week.  And you would surely build some real impressive pikes which are really good!


  1. Awesome I really love Barbell Curl and Standing Bicep Cable Curl as this workouts really squeezes and targets our biceps muscles and thus our biceps get bigger and muscular.

  2. Yes Armaan ,
    it is good that you love Barbell Curl and Standing cable curl as it very helpful for building up biceps. Strong and shaped biceps leads to good posture for our body. So keep it up and I’m really happy you liked my


  3. Thanks for the tip I’m already doing some of this exercises and they do work and switch them up every now and then too .

  4. I found this very useful as im just starting to gym and i was very unsure of how many exercises to do and how often to do them. thanks for the info!

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