Gentlemen, are you a beginner looking for the best fitness program to sculpt a body of Arnold? Today, I offer you a comprehensive Gym workout routine for men and valuable tips to begin your physical transformation within 6 weeks.

Composed on a scale from beginners and intermediate, this Beginner Gym Workout program will allow you to solicit all your muscle groups, through various exercises, while leaving you enough rest to recover. An ideal base for all men wishing to develop their physics!

As in all sports, nothing can replace regular and long-term strength training in form of Weekly Gym Routine. However, the beginnings are an opportunity to record quick and meaningful progress that will motivate you to continue.

To achieve this, it is crucial to adopt the right strategy and get started with the right gym workout plan. No wonder that we stop as quickly as we started if we follow an inappropriate program. Difficult to stay motivated when the results are long and the sensations are not there.

The Benefits of My Gym Workout program for beginners:

If you follow this strength training workout routine and adapt your nutrition accordingly, you can quickly achieve concrete results, without having to make superhuman efforts!

A new physical base and a better knowledge of your body

This program will allow you to gain strength by developing your muscles in a balanced way, and improve your inter-muscular coordination.

You will also discover what are your strengths and weaknesses. That is, what are your most enduring, powerful muscles (and vice versa), and the exercises where you have good sensations and those on the contrary where you are in difficulty.

This information will be essential for you to evolve this program and, in the longer term, to adapt your training and set your goals.

Technical knowledge to perform many exercises

This program is specially designed to gain control of the different movements to perform. It is common to want to start immediately with known exercises, without the technical knowledge to perform them.

However, it is essential to focus primarily on learning the basics and safety rules. Concentrate on the execution of the movements by putting the performance in the background. No need to increase the weight if it makes you make mistakes.

At the end of this gym program for men, you must have mastered for each exercise placement and execution, so you can continue with larger loads without taking risks by exposing you to accidents and injuries.

You are a beginner, you will progress therefore whatever you do (in muscular mass, in force), then have only one true objective: master the technique!

An essential step before continuing with more difficult, more specific programs – Many people start gym through inappropriate routine, because some of their friends, or some sources of information, promote it.

However, a program that is too demanding often proves to be unproductive and dangerous and often leads to disappointing results, and ultimately to abandonment.

You are not ready to follow the training of experienced practitioners. Do things in order, choose modest beginnings and, with time and training, you will progress!

Why go to the gym?

Starting bodybuilding directly in the gym can be intimidate, and ultimately discourage many people. It is not always easy to evolve in this universe since one has the feeling of not controlling what one does.

That said, training in the weight room offers an unrivaled setting for a beginner, by the different machines and the many amenities it offers. To make the most of this experience, and to make this first experience a success factor, you must  however respect a few principles :

Stay focused.

This is essential for a good workout, especially if you are starting out. You must learn to execute movements correctly and to be on the lookout for any mistakes you may make.

Do not be distracted by conversations around you, noise from a TV or radio, or while waiting for a machine to become loose. If necessary use headphones or headphones to isolate yourself.

Put your ego aside.

Everyone was a beginner one day, do not forget it. Whatever your age or physical condition, do not be swayed by external looks. You have nothing to prove to anyone and are there only for you.

Respect the program.

This is the consequence of the previous point, the pressure of the eyes of others, the advice of a stranger who wants to explain why you should change your program, should not influence you.

Do not use unsuitable weights, do not tackle new exercises while you are still trying to master the ones in the program. And if you change the program you can not blame us it did not work!

Do not neglect your recovery (why is recovery important after exercise?)

why is recovery important after exercise

Rest at least 24 hours between each session and heal your sleep, it has a direct and important impact on your physical recovery. It is while we sleep, and during the days of rest, that most of the muscular construction work is done.

Resting is the guarantee of having all your energy during your sessions, to be better focused, in short, more efficient and less exposed to injuries.

Adapt your nutrition for the best results.

Your diet is responsible for almost 80% of your physical results. To maximize the effects of this program, try to gradually adapt your diet to complete your workout.

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How can you be sure that you are doing the proper exercise?

This gym workout program for beginners is designed to give you a basic technique and good muscle coordination.

The best way to ensure this technique is still to have a coach. Otherwise, having a more experienced training partner is better than nothing (it is still necessary that she/he knows the main principles of execution of the movements, and know-how to transmit them to you).

Remain the last best way to learn the movements: invest time (and even money) to consult documents, books, videos that deal with the technique of movements.

 Why a “strength” oriented gym workout routines to start?

The program that we propose to you here privileges the work of the 4 main movements that are the squats, the deadlift, the bench press and the military development.

In this, it can be assimilated to strength training, since the first three movements mentioned are the movements practiced in the competition of athletic force.

In addition, the progression from week to week will be linear, and only the load will increase (not the number of repetitions or series). The point of having a goal of strength as a beginner is that it will force you to acquire an irreproachable technique, otherwise, it is the insured injury.

Do not worry, my gym workout program is made to avoid compromising your performance technique! How? It is simple, for each main movement, the number of series to achieve is quite high (4 or 6), but the number of repetitions per series is low (2 or 3).

If you are a beginner, it is not recommended to achieve muscle failure at the end of your series (for the main movements of this program, which are poly articular movements.)

With regard to the movements of isolation, muscle failure may be reached. Doing more sets with fewer repetitions can get enough effort while avoiding muscle failure and bad technique.

Thus, for each series, you will get less tired between your first and last repetition: the time during which you will have to concentrate on your technique is shortened, the concentration can be greater, and the progress too.

Respect some great principles of workout routine

Whatever the movement, it is essential to know how to secure your posture. In short, you need to know how to properly place your pelvis and shoulders.

You must be able to place your pelvis in a neutral position, which allows to respect a natural lumbar arch.

Regarding the shoulders, many “push” movements (like the bench press) require to know how to “stick” the shoulder blades in the back and keep the shoulders low “away from the ears” while moving the arms.

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Also be sure to perform full amplitude movements, within the limits of your mobility of the moment. If it is not optimal, you have to work it.

Notes on Body aches and Muscle Pain

body aches and muscle pain

Aches can be a sign of intense muscular work, but especially if you are a beginner, are not necessarily a good indicator. When you start, you may see your strength increase without major physical changes.

This comes from the fact that adaptation to training is initially nervous. If the day after a session you do not feel a burn in the muscles worked, do not do it! On the contrary, enjoy:)

Warming up – Always warm up before workout

warm up before workout

A warm-up of at least ten minutes before each session will wake up your muscles and put you in condition for the training that is coming.

Start with 3 to 5 minutes of cardio-training (bike, rower), then follow with some specific movements (using a stick and / or elastic bands) to target the joints and muscle groups that you will seek thereafter (pay special attention to shoulders and hips).

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Quickly test the state of your mobility against the exercises planned during your session, and work there if necessary. Then do one or two sets of warm-ups on the first exercise of the program, with light weights and twenty repetitions each time.

Gradually increase in weight to your load of the day being careful not to exhaust you on these series. If the need arises, you can continue warming up before each new movement.

Prerequisite: How to choose the right weight for workout?

how to choose the right weight for workout

There is no ideal weight to start, you will have to find which is best for you.

To help you, it is expected that the first week of the program is a week “test”: it will find the appropriate charges to perform 6 sets of 3 repetitions on each of the four main movements.

As we said above, on the main movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, military development), you must not achieve muscle failure at the end of your playoffs.

The fifth series will have to be more difficult, but not so much that your technique is getting worse.

Concretely the week is identical to the one presented in the program, simply you will make only the first main movement of the day, before moving to the movements of isolation and body weight.

 A 2-step Gym workout plan

This beginner’s gym workout routine is aimed primarily at acquiring the technique of major poly articular movements. In general, such a beginner’s routine can last from about 2 to 6 months.

Once the technique is automatic, you will have to maintain it of course, and you will be able to concentrate more particularly on the gains of muscular mass, via a program of training adapted to this objective (program Intermediate).

Instructions of full-body routines for beginners

You must follow the order of the exercises to the letter since their order is not simply random. Everything has its science within these routines, from the exercises, the repetitions, the series and the rest times.

Add a moderate weight in each exercise. The key is that you use the maximum weight you can use using the correct technique. If the weight is too much to not apply the full range of motion during the exercise, you should use a lower weight.

The rest time between sets is a maximum of 2 minutes.

Drink water. When you exercise it is necessary to maintain adequate hydration.

Heat before starting the routine. Do a little cardio, stretching, specific warm-up, everything you consider necessary before you start.

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Part 1:- Gym Workout Routines for Beginners

The first month will be the hardest. You will notice as muscles, some that you thought you did not have, and that the first few days will be spent with enough stitches. But calm, it is normal, it is part of the adaptation process.


  • Upper dumbbell press – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Openings with a dumbbell in Banco Plano – 3 sets of 10 (slow)
  • Alternate hammer curl – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Concentrated thigh support curl – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Aerobic Exercise  – 30 minutes


  • Squats or Squat – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Machine twins – 3 sets of 20 – 20 – 15 (slow)
  • Press behind the neck in the multipower bar – 3 series of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Rowing at the barbell – 3 sets of 10 repetitions (slow)
  • Abdominal exercises


  • Rowing on a low pulley with sharp and narrow grip – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Fixed bar dominated – 3 sets at maximum repetitions (slow)
  • French press in flat bench – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Triceps extension in high pulley – 3 sets of 12 – 10 – 10 (slow)
  • Aerobic Exercise – 30 minutes


You have earned a rest day to regain strength, it is advisable to perform stretching and take advantage of walking and continue with your active metabolism.


  • Flat Bench Press or “Bench Press”  – 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Dominated in a fixed bar with narrow grip in supination  – 3 series at maximum (slow)
  • Side elevations of the dumbbell arms  – 3 sets of 10 repetitions (slow)
  • Squat Hack – 3 sets at maximum (slow)
  • Alternate Bicep Curl with Supination  – 2 sets of 12 – 12 (slow)
  • Flat Dumbells Press – 2 sets of 12 – 12 (slow)mph if possible).

Part 2: Beginner Gym Workout Program (variation in main movements)

Go to this routine after practicing for at least three to four weeks the routine without variation, so as to have spent time on each of the main movements. Starting the routine with variation, you will practice the main movements only once a week.

The idea behind using “variants” of the main movements is to perfect your mastery of these main movements by practicing them under slightly different conditions.

This helps to develop the motor patterns in a more thorough way; the new so-called “accessory” or “assistance” movements correspond to modifications of the basic movements but remain centered on the same essential skills.

Start with reasonable charges for support movements to get used to the adjustments required by these new exercises, but still try to increase your charges from week to week.

 How many workouts a week?

With or without variations, program sessions may seem long, but you must be able to complete each exercise with only 1 to 2 minutes of maximum rest between your sets.

If you start to need more time between sets on your main moves, this is usually a sign that you are starting to force your last repetitions and you are starting to progress more difficult.

For the movement (s) in question, you can start the Classic Intermediate program.

Overall, your sessions should last about 1 hour (plus or minus 15 minutes), including warm-up.

Stretching – You can stretch after workout

Stretching after workout

At the end of a session, if you have the time, you can take the time to stretch, so as to relax your muscles. This will limit the appearance of possible muscle pain and accompany the return to calm your body.

How to continue to progress towards Intermediate program?

Keep in mind that a program is only worth the time it takes to adapt to it. You must evolve it over time, taking into account your performance and your progress. For this, the program already provides the way you will progress from week to week:

  • Increase in the weights used.

If you do this correctly, then your strength should increase quickly and steadily in the first few weeks. Session after session you should reach a little more easily the number of repetitions planned for each series. Every week you have to slightly increase the weights, from 2 to 5 kg (1 to 5 for women).

Caution: Always keep in mind that proper execution of movement comes first. Never sacrifice the technique to lift heavier. A poorly realized movement is not only ineffective, but it can also be dangerous.

Make sure when you increase the weights that you continue to work properly and that your muscular sensations remain good.

When to upgrade to the Intermediate version of the Gym routine for men?

If you start to need more than 2 minutes of rest between sets on your main movements, this is usually a sign that you are starting to force your last repetitions and you are starting to progress more difficult.

For the movement (s) in question, you can start the “Intermediate Classic” program. If you feel that your technique is safe and stable on all your movements, go entirely to the Intermediate program.

For assistance exercises, you also have the choice: you can use the main movement progression options or the options offered specifically for assistance movements. Simply, do not use the same progression option for the main movement and its assist movement. Ideally, make 3-week progress blocks only for support movements.

This way, you will reach a board more often than on the main moves, but the program is designed this way: when the exercise becomes too hard, choose another one! This will bring variety to your training and will prevent you from developing weaknesses or imbalances.

You will find examples of assistance exercises in the program leaflet that you will obtain by downloading the program.

For hypertrophy exercises, the Intermediate program leaves you free of the progression method:

  • Increase in the number of series.

The progression passes by the increase of your capacity of work. To add a series to the exercises on which you want to progress the most (2-3 sets, then progress up to 4-5 sets at the same weight, then start again adding weight).

Then be careful about your recovery between your sessions and from one week to the next, so as not to fall into overtraining.

  • Work in “pyramidal”.

pyramidalis muscle

The principle is simple: you increase the weights with each series while decreasing the number of repetitions, then, on the contrary, you reduce the weights while increasing the number of repetitions.

For the exercises of development you can, for example, realize a series of heating with a light load of 20 repetitions, then increase the loads with each series to realize 12, then 8, then 6 repetitions. For your fourth and last series, lighten the load again, to achieve between 15 and 20 repetitions.

  • Reduce your rest time slightly.

You can finally reduce your rest time between each series, to increase the difficulty of the training. With fatigue, it is likely that you perform fewer repetitions. You will then have to adapt the weights, or you will move towards a workforce, with fewer repetitions.

Should we suspend training to relax?

In order to allow your nervous system to relax, take a week of rest or discharge (where you only make the first two movements of each session and reducing the charges and the number of repetitions and sets) after 3 or 6 weeks.

This does not mean that you must remain totally inactive during this period, but only that you must limit yourself to moderate or even low-intensity efforts.

Such breaks are beneficial because they promote physical and mental recovery and prevent the risk of over training.

The application of a program must never become totally mechanical. Stay tuned to your body and do not forget to take time for yourself.

Getting away from the room a few days from time to time is as important as learning to train regularly. At the resumption, your results will be even better improved!

Your personalized gym workout plan with Health & fitness trainer

The logical next step: hire a personal trainer!

There is no secret, and experience has shown us if you want to continue to progress and achieve results while maintaining a high level of motivation, the next step is obviously to invest in a (good) coach.

So if you are ready to go even further with your training, or if you live in India, do not hesitate to contact me – fitness trainer Gurcharan Singh and opt for the satisfaction that brings an individualized Gym training program according to your objectives, your current abilities, and your personality!

Does this program fit you? Need more information?

You have something to prepare for your next weeks of training! Apprehend your sessions one at a time, but always keeping in mind your progress over the long term.

If you are a beginner, you will progress whatever you do (in muscle mass, in strength), so have only one real objective: master the technique!

If you already have an intermediate level, one last tip: it is better to underestimate (slightly) your 1RM, you will enjoy a more sustainable margin of progression (and limit the risk of injury!).

As you know, we try to produce content that is tailored to your problems, goals and questions. So if you want to share your feelings, your results, your questions, do not hesitate! And if you want us to do an article on a specific subject, a new program, or any other request, let us know!

Good training to all!