Have you never been the type of person who likes to train at the gym and have never managed to find an alternative that motivated you to the point of integrating it permanently into your weekly routine?

And how about combining the useful with the pleasant and familiarizing yourself with a variety of Home workout during Covid19 quarantine?

The idea is not here to impose a rigorous training schedule, but rather to simply move a little history to keep fit and good humor (hello endorphins!) In this stressful period.

Do you have ants in your legs due to confinement? Know that it is possible to develop new training routines while staying at home. Here are some tips to help you stay in shape for the next few weeks while this pandemic.

Guide: How to stay fit during quarantine

Simplicity is the key to success to stay motivated. Start with short, but frequent, sessions of moderate-intensity, suggests Gurcharan a private fitness trainer.

The minimum moderate physical activity for an adult should be 150 minutes per week; for children, it’s 60 minutes a day. In normal times, this threshold is reached fairly easily, whether through daily trips or periods of recess. But in times of coronavirus, the reality is quite different. It is therefore essential to activate a minimum each day. If you do not move, want, do not want, you will have muscle atrophy, Here I am going to explains.

Keep a Daily Routine During the COVID-19

By upsetting our habits and our schedule, confinement makes us lose our benchmarks. Sports training may then take the edge. One way to maintain discipline in these uncertain times is to incorporate sport into a routine. Regular training at the same time and on the same days is more likely to be followed.

Despite the challenges it poses, the period of isolation can be seen as a great opportunity to get into training. With few means and space, it is thus possible to develop habits that will follow us throughout our lives. If you don’t have time to train right now, you will never have time.

Take Training on Call From specialists While Pandmic

Beware of injuries, however. The programs offered on the Internet are not suitable for everyone, and the risk of injury is associated with these workouts. This is why I am recommends, as much as possible, to have recourse to specialists such as kinesiologists and physical educators. Even from a distance, they can offer support through a program and practical advice that will help avoid unpleasant injuries.

For parents, dropping a call to the physical education teacher can be a free and easy way to get a training program for children.

Drink Water and Warm up

Drink water and warm up

Make sure you stay hydrated before, during and after training. One liter of water should be drunk for about 60 minutes of exercise. If you are hot and sweat profusely, do not hesitate to drink more.

A warm-up period should also precede any workout. For 5-10 minutes, do low-intensity activities. When your muscles are warmed up, continue with stretching. These two activities will help you prevent injuries and muscle discomfort.

Use Creativity

In any case, one of the best ways to get through the confinement period is to stay active. Do what you want, but move. Involving children in your training routine, creating games or incorporating everyday objects into physical activity can be good ways to combine business with pleasure.

Home Workouts Without Equipment to Stay Fit

And who knows, maybe you will get a taste for it to the point of leaving this quarantine with new healthy habits!

1. Bodyweight Training

The name says it all: it’s a workout that uses your body weight to make you work. No need for weights or weights, just lifting your body will be enough to create good resistance.

We love the variety of exercises in this type of training and the short time it requires!

To do this workout, it’s here: Body-weight lower body workout from Fitness experts during this covid-19 quarantine.

2. HIIT Training – Home Workouts Without Equipment

Home workouts without equipment during covid-19

“HIIT” means high-intensity interval training. As its name says, this type of training is based on very high-intensity exercise intervals followed by small periods of rest.

This type of training has been shown to be particularly effective in burning calories. So if you are looking for a workout that is short but profitable, this is the one for you.

Small warning: this kind of training is rather demanding at the cardio level, so if you consider yourself to be a beginner in training, it is better to go at your own pace and listen to your body. You could complete half the training to start with and the more you feel capable, the longer you can do it.

3. 100% Abdominal –  Abs Workouts at Home No Equipment

ab workouts at home no equipment

Having a 6-pack seems to be a popular goal in training, but feeling good and having better posture is the real reward! Aside from wanting a flat, defined stomach, training your abs on a regular basis can have many beneficial effects for the body.

If you spend many hours in a seated position a day, regular training that works your abs could do you a great service! This could help you improve your general posture, but also make it easier for you to accomplish your daily tasks, such as reaching for an object at height, lifting a load or doing various household chores.

This 10-minute workout is particularly difficult; few people are able to complete it on the first try. So feel free to go at your own pace and see your progress from week to week!

4. Boxing Exercises at Home

Boxing exercises at home

It is not for nothing that we say that boxers are among the fittest people in the world! This type of training targets several regions of the body such as the arms, the abdominals, the legs … All this, putting your cardiovascular capacity to the test.

Dance rope, high-intensity sequences and muscle exercises are all part of a complete boxing workout.

And no need for gloves and a punching bag to get you started, this workout that requires no equipment will show you the basics. Want to let off steam? Boxing is to try!

5. Dance Exercise to Stay Fit
Dance exercise to stay fit

You want to move, but circuit training and more technical things do not interest you more than you need? Why not try a rhythmic training class!

Workout For Every Day: The Weekly Calendar for Exercising at Home

SquatRepetitions of the complete routine: 3
Lunge or strideDuration of each exercise: 60 seconds
Kneeling get upRest between exercises: 20 seconds
Front ironRepetitions of the complete routine: 3
Side plankDuration of each exercise: 30 seconds
Gluteus bridgeRest between exercises: 10 seconds
BurpeesRepetitions of the complete routine: 3
ScissorsumoDuration of each exercise: 40 seconds
StrandRest between exercises: 20 seconds
Sprint skippingeach person must do it at their own pace
Speed ​​walkoutideal 10 reps
Lungesideal 20 repetitions
Lateral hopsideal 30 repetitions

30-day programs are sometimes offered and can give some structure to your training.

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