Raise your hand, if you have had the resolution to have to achieve your fitness goals or thought of enrolling for a gym center every 1st of a new year, but these thoughts somehow faded away in the next few days.

As they say, it is never too late to change your life, why not set your fitness goals and start practicing now. There are innumerable numbers of fitness gym center in Zirakpur.

The gyms are an integral part of the health freaks to live a balanced life. The enthusiastic ambiance of the gyms ultimately leads towards a healthy, fit, and stress-free life. In recent years gyms are proved extremely beneficial with an endless amount of positive outcomes.

The fitness industry has given a huge boost to India. One can get rid of heart-related disease and weightiness. It also prevents osteoporosis and improves muscle strength tremendously.

We selected a dozen sports centers that have meticulous facilities, unique services, digital equipment and new training trends to sweat a good time.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not only the absence of diseases or illnesses”, defines the World Health Organization (WHO).

Exercise daily, understood as a lifestyle is the best way to find that balance, not just for the bikini operation, but to escape from the stress and the current pressure.

Before the options in gyms were very limited: machinery, some kind of aerobics, and abdomen. “For this reason, many people were bored at not finding a motivating activity or ashamed in the room at the side of jocks. However, with the boom of fitness, for some years the variety is immense” says Gurcharan Singh a fitness coach.

List of Best Top 10 Gyms in Zirakpur

So if you are contemplating joining a gym, Here are the top 10 recommendations for the excellent gyms in Zirakpur along with a professional approach with an optimistic vibe.

Burn Gym Center in Zirakpur

best Burn Gym center in Zirakpur

To have hardcore gym time, The burn gym is for you.  With well-equipped accessories and extremely profound trainers, this gym has its own dent in the area. You can also find all sorts of power services for instance Zumba, Bhangra exercise, Power yoga, Aerobics, and the list goes on.

The amiable and sedulous instructors who have a proficiency in weight loss will assist you to accomplish your fitness ultimate goal. The positive outcome can also be seen with past trainees too.


  • Maya garden, SCO 1 and 2, 1st floor, VIP Rd, 3 extensions, Zirakpur Punjab 140603

Mahadev Fitness Gym Center in Zirakpur

mahadev fitness gym in zirakpur

This newly introduced gym is gaining popularity among the locals and health freaks. Unlike other gyms, you are provided with assiduous and untiring gym trainers, who provide great support to the learners. The zealous ambiance creates a positive vibe that will ultimately lead to a marvelous outcome in your health.

The spectacular gym is fully equipped, and it is rated 5/5 according to the reviews of the satisfied trainees.

To reach out to their location

  • Address: Plot no. 62,59, Behlana Rd, Chandigarh, 160003.
  • Contact Number : +91 7508177378

Neo Fitness Gym, Zirakpur

Neo Fitness Gym Center in Zirakpur

The Neo fitness gym is renowned for providing personal attention for every individual, which is considered as the motto of their gym. This consists of 400+ highly-trained coaches for helping you out to lead a healthy lifestyle as per your requirement.

The gym is fully fitted out with all sorts of machines i.e. treadmills, Dumbbell set, Stationary bicycles and a lot more. Neo fitness gym is acclaimed to be the biggest health club in Punjab.


  • 4th floor, Global Business park near the metro mall, Bhishanpura, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Blaze Gym And Spa Zirakpur

Blaze Gym And Spa Zirakpur

This spectacular gym has a zealous and energetic ambiance supported by fully equipped gym machines. You will be guided and trained by the team of experienced and best gym instructors in the arena. These extraordinary gyms comprised of a spa and a fitness studio.

One can have an exhilarating experience in activities such as Bhangra and Aerobics with the inspection of the coach.


  • SCO 1-2, Kalgidhar Enclave, Baltana, Kalka Shimla Highway, Zirakpur, Punjab 140604.

The Code Fitness Gym in Zirakpur

The Code Fitness gym in zirakpur

The gym has a pretty amazing ambiance with professional equipment. This gym offers a premium service to its precious members. The exuberant gym charges 13,000 for 3 months and 24,000 per year. With profound instructors, you will surely be triumphant in your fitness journey.

This gym will surely satisfy and fulfill your demands of professional ambiance.

You can also contact them on 01725005333

  • Address: SCO 45-48, Sector 8C, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh.

Body Zone Fitness and Spa in zirakpur

Body Zone Fitness and Spa in zirakpur

The gym is located in the heart of the city (sector 17) provides an impressive fitness environment for the members.  Spreading over a large area, this gym has a lot to offer to the trainees. The health freaks are provided with splendid machines that help members inculcating a regular workout routine.

The main charisma of the gym is that the extremely profound trainers provide personalized instructions to the members according to their health goals.

The membership fees for 3 months is 21,000 for men’s and 19,000 for women’s, which includes spa as well.


  • SCO 180-187, second floor, Madhya Marg, Sector 9-c, Chandigarh.
  • You can get in touch through 0172 507 7770

Suprama Gym Center in Chandigarh

Suprama gym center in zirakpur punjab

The Suprama gym center is considered to be primeval. It is known for giving the facility of skilled professional coaches to its members. The gym also promises to provide aerobics with 18 years of experience and an extremely knowledgeable trainer.

Even though the gym is quite old, it is completely equipped with modern accessories

Contact details: 0172 461 1444

Address: SCO 3013-14, 2nd Floor, Sector 22D, Chandigarh.

Bodyscapes And Fitness Temple gym

The gym provides an enriching experience to the members of the gym with a sufficient number of machines. One will get a helping hand by the diligent trainers to accomplish the required body shape. The gym talked about providing personal guidance according to the stamina of the trainer.

If you are just starting with your fitness venture, you should consider taking the membership of the Bodyscapes and fitness temple gym.

Contact number: 8729004000

Address: SCO 100-101, Sector 34-A

Oxizone Fitness & Spa In Zirkapur

Oxizone Fitness & Spa In Zirkapur

The gym promises to provide personal guidance by a few of the best gym trainers in the area. This gesture helps the trainees to cope up with the new fitness schedule effortlessly. Oxizone gym helps you gets access to amazing equipment.

There are no limitations in their services as they also provide a personal diet chart to the members to maintain the balance of fit life. The membership is up 18,000 annual bases.

Phone Number: 01762 518 006

Address: Showroom No.19-22, First Floor Apples Heights, VIP Rd, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Ultimate Fitness Dhakoli in Zirakpur

Ultimate Fitness Dhakoli in Zirakpur

The gym has its roots in Saharanpur, and in Zirakpur it is acknowledged as one of the best gyms. You will be supervised by exceptional trainers and a zealous atmosphere is created. As the name suggests the voyage through this gym will ultimately lead towards a fit life ahead.

The fully furnished fitness center consisting of high-quality machines should be opted by the beginners.

For further details visit their location


  • SCO 5th and 6th floor above pub bank near the railway crossing old Ambala Road, Zirakpur, Punjab 160104.

How to set up a home gym

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to the closure of gyms in many places, prompting many to wonder what kinds of equipment they need to have at home.

Basic equipment for less than US $ 100

Let’s start with the basic equipment because there are some elements that are necessary for routines that we usually do in the gym, group classes, etc. See which ones you need from this list, so that you acquire what you really need and above all, that you will be able to continue using after quarantine.

Jumping rope:

For lovers of a cardiovascular activity that we have done since childhood, jumping rope is still something simple and that will help you burn calories and stay active. Check out this basic jump rope available on Amazon.


Doing weights in the gym is undoubtedly something that practically all of us are used to doing once we step into that room. Either just to keep fit or to build muscle or even because some class requires it. These dumbbells are the cheapest and most traditional that you can find on Amazon.

Training mat:

Although it is true that there are many types of mats, when it comes to the one necessary for yoga, the options are more specific, because they meet the necessary requirements to give you stability. We liked this option of mat for yoga lovers on Amazon, although if you rather do high-intensity workouts, this mat for more varied exercises will work better for you.

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