This is the most asked question every time a new year arrives and our results reach us. We thought about it and we selected the 8 top fitness trends for a better the year 2020: functional training, High-intensity functional training (HIIT), yoga, fitness studios, group training, strength training, body-weight training, and exercise apps.

Top 8 Worldwide Fitness Trends For 2020

These eight tips and training trends will make the exercise very interesting. Now that begs the question: which ones are you going to try?

1- Functional training

For those who do not know, functional training is a type of training that reflects the actions of daily life, such as sitting or walking. As simple as it sounds, functional training has many health goals: improving your balance, strength, and coordination through movements that are relatively easy to master. Put it on your workout list to try for 2019.

2- High-intensity functional training (HIIT)

Top Fitness Trends Of 2020

Do you want to manage your training time more effectively next year? Try HIIT. These short and incredibly intense sessions take your body to the extreme, helping you to put your usual one-hour workout in a 10 to the 30-minute time slot. HIIT also has many benefits, especially if your goals are weight loss because you will burn a lot of calories and have a high metabolic rate for years after your session ends.

3- Yoga – 2020 Yoga fitness Trends

Yoga has long been on all fitness radars and it doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. This popular practice – there are 11 main types – is fantastic for your physical and mental health, it reduces your stress level and boosts your self-confidence while improving your posture and flexibility.

The Benefits of Yoga for Physical Fitness

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4- Fitness Trainer


Fitness studios – in other words, specialized gyms offering a more personalized experience – are on the rise. At EVO, we offer you a fitness studio at a higher level, offering personal training by experts to achieve the most specialized fitness goals, a range of unique classes and the best fitness equipment. By the way, let us remind you that we are proud to be Studio Fitness which will enhance your training experience.

Here Your – Health and Fitness Trainer   Follow On Insta – @stayfitwithgurcharan

5- Group Training

Guide To Programming Group Fitness Workouts

Having trouble motivating yourself to train? Make group training a priority for the New Year. This type of training simply involves five or more people, so it’s easy to incorporate into your routine. Instead of running alone before work, for example, organize a group run for lunch at the local park.

Group training has proven benefits for your mental health and, according to one study, may even improve your pain tolerance and make you work harder.

6- Strength Training – Top Fitness Trends to Power You Through 2020

Top Fitness Trends to Power You Through 2020

You don’t have to be the next Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to take advantage of the countless benefits of bodybuilding, which has always been popular with athletes for decades (and, let’s bet, decades to come).

Strength training helps you stay healthy over the long term, improving your muscle and bone mass, and protecting you from cardiovascular disease. Chocolate, protein bars are just the icing on the cake.

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7- Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training exercises latest trends 2020


If you want a more muscular torso, bodyweight training is the way to get it fast. These types of exercises – like pushups or planks – are great for strengthening the abdominal muscles and are easy to do anywhere. Convenience and main strength – it’s a combo we love.

8- Exercise Applications

2020 fitness trends applications

We’re all glued to our cellphones, so we can also use them by downloading a few mobile exercise apps 2020 that will benefit our workouts. Try the Nike Training Club (which offers over 160 free video workouts), which provides both training tips and great meal ideas. If you want to mix up your morning cardio while pretending you’re running to escape a horde of brain-hungry zombies (who wouldn’t?).

It might be enough, but we suggest you use our app: with virtual personal trainers, for all skill levels and with a full library and tons of different exercises to take your training game to the next level.

How to keep your good fitness resolutions for 2020?

Fitness resolutions for 2020

If this goal has been on your New Year’s resolution list for several years and it has never been met, rest assured, we all did it! But this time, things will be different because you are going to be armed with advice on how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions for the rest of the year (and maybe even for the rest of your life).

If you are just starting out in fitness it will be difficult to start a new routine, whether or not you decide to start the sport for the new year or by waking up on a random Monday.

So first advice;

Don’t wait until the 1st of the year!

There is no better time to start your new healthy journey than the present. It takes time to create new habits and entering the new year with momentum from the last days of 2019 will allow you to be more successful.

Write down your goals

What do you need to do to reach your goals? “Be specific”  Split your time into realistic goals. If you want to lose 5 pounds in three months, it is not enough to know it but to understand what goals you must achieve to succeed in your challenge. For example, then you have to write, I’m going to do 30 min of cardio and 20 exercises a day.

Don’t neglect your diet

We recommend that you remember that you are a precious human being, that you matter and that you should treat yourself this way by eating foods that will make your body feel good, like fruits and vegetables.

Our diet is essential to our ability to think clearly and get rid of the disease.

The wellness chief adds that you should listen to your body when it comes to food. Some days you may need to eat carbohydrates, so go ahead and eat carbohydrates; a week later, you may not need to eat meat. Go ahead, skip the steak for dinner.

Huntley also agrees that you can’t just train and change your eating habits. She said that in addition to writing your fitness plans, you also write your diet. Keeping a food journal is essential. This way it will be easy to track the number of calories you are consuming and then you can slowly reduce them.

It will not happen overnight!

Starting a new fitness routine and committing to healthy eating is no small feat, which is why most people see it as a lifestyle change instead of just dieting and dieting. exercise. It will take time to adjust to these new changes in your routine and for you to reach your goals.

Find someone to hold you to account

Take a friend, a coach, your neighbor, someone to hold you accountable for your goals.

We believe that responsibility is a major factor in staying on track with your new plans. Calling a person who will check your plan is a good idea to hire the fitness coach. All trainers agree that you need people around you who also want to see you succeed. They recommend surrounding yourself with people who share the same values ​​and objectives as you.

Plan, plan and plan again

top fitness trends for 2020

Make your new goals a priority in your life. Faye said that people should plan their meals the same way as going out with friends.


Having a good mind will prepare you for success in your fitness journey of 2020.

One of the best ways for people to stay dedicated to a New Year’s fitness routine is to incorporate meditation into their practice. Incorporates yoga and meditation because meditation has been shown to improve memory, decrease stress-related illnesses, improve sleep, and strengthen immunity. When you feel better, you are more likely to pursue your goals.

What are your fitness goals for 2020? Share it in the comments!