Why Women Should Lift Weights

Practicing Weight lifting Or weight training and being a woman would be incompatible? Really?

Many people feel that such an activity is not suitable for women. Men’s sports, ineffective to achieve goals other than muscle gain, weight training and femininity would not be made to get along.

And Every women have these question in mind when they go to join gym.

  • can I lift weights everyday
  • should I lift weights everyday
  • Why women should lift weights?
  • can I lift weights everyday to lose weight
  • Will lifting weights make a woman bulky?
  • Why is it important for women to gain muscle?
  • What are the benefits of lifting weights?

However, weight lifting in the classic sense (with dumbbells, bars, machines, etc.), is far from corresponding stereotypes that stick to the skin. In this article we will return to what makes her a sport accessible to all.

6 Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Here are eight reasons you should start lifting today. Before starting this or any new exercise regimen, though, make sure you consult your Gym Instructor Or Fineness Experts

 1. We can and should all do Weight Training

Women should do Weight Training

In the collective imagination bodybuilding has long been associated with men, rather young, followers of the “inflator”, protein supplements, and the “chocolate bar”.

This bad image persists today but is slowly dissipating, to give an indication of open discipline, accessible to both men and women at all ages. Its beneficial effects are numerous and we are all interested in: muscle strengthening, maintenance of all the muscles of the body, better coordination of movements, relief of muscular pain, or improvement of postures of daily life.

Daily life ! This is probably the main reason why women should weight lifting practice . Every day we must pick up, lift, carry, deposit various and varied things:

  1. Do you manage to carry your shopping bags to your home without hurting everywhere?
  2. Last winter, you had to clear the snow that kept you out of your home?
  3. Moving your furniture is an insurmountable ordeal without any help?
  4. Your handbag weighs a ton and your back and shoulders remind you every day?

Practicing weight training provides convincing answers to the harmful consequences of our lifestyles . Office work, lack of sports activity, stress, poor eating habits all have an impact on our body and our health.

Far from the image that can be made, bodybuilding can be easily adapted to each and everyone . This makes it an ideal resort for young and old, or those with no athlete profile.

Note: Whether you want to maintain muscle tone with age, find a more functional body, lose weight, boost your performance in another sport, you can and should do weight training!

2. Will lifting weights make a woman bulky?

Will lifting weights make a woman bulky

Contrary to popular belief, women who start bodybuilding do not suddenly develop bulky muscles. You will not become a female bodybuilder with massive muscles and masculine looks after a few weeks of training!

This myth of the woman with huge muscles, after a few passages in the room, is totally unfounded . It is due to the recovery, and the generalization, of the image of some athletes or weightlifters, presented as the archetype of the woman doing bodybuilding. But such physics are inseparable from years of high-level work, and a strong desire to gain muscle.

Women bodybuilders have dynamic and tonic bodies with firm muscles, without being bulky. Rest assured, you will not become a Hulk version of yourself!

This can be explained by several simple reasons. Women tend to have thinner bones, less strength when they start , and mostly gain muscle more slowly than most men because of lower levels of anabolic hormones (testosterone). Even with a regular workout, you will need more time to develop your muscles, and with smaller gains than for a man.

Nutrition also plays a determining role. Without a proper diet, with a rich diet, gaining muscle is much more complicated. If you eat normally and do not take extra supplements, the risk of becoming too muscular in an uncontrolled way is therefore almost non-existent.

Getting a physique considered too muscular is already long and difficult for a man, for a woman it’s even worse.

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If you are not convinced, a visit to the weight room and fitness should show you the reality of what we have just described. It is unlikely that you will find many female bodybuilders. On the other hand, it is almost certain that you will come across slender, firm-bodied women with drawn muscles, but far from being hypertrophied.

Note: Do not limit yourself to cardio! The weight training causes a muscle gain that you can easily control, without a disproportionate impact on the aesthetic appearance. If you are not sure, remember that it is easy to adapt workout and diet to achieve your goals.

3. Benefits of Weight Training For Women

Benefits of Weight Training For Women

…are the same as for men! We have seen previously why you do not risk becoming the female version of Schwarzy. Strength training, far from being limited to muscle gain, is especially able to bring you many benefits of weight training for women:

1. You’ll Burn More Calories

The weight training is first of all formidable to lose weight. Often underestimated, it is particularly preferred to the cardio classes, perceived as being more “compatible” with femininity than the very masculine world of the weight room. It is, however, much more effective to combine the two.

Cardio helps maintain good cardiovascular health and stabilize weight, while weight training has a greater impact on fat loss. The intense effort you provide during a session results in a release and significant consumption of energy. This over-consumption will continue for a few hours after you have exercised.

In addition, improving your physical condition will ultimately increase your basal metabolic rate. That is to say that at rest your body will burn more calories (the muscles being more greedy than fat).

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2. More toned, firmer body and strength gains

Strength training exercises allow you to gain strength by developing muscles while limiting the volume gain. This will make your life easier, guaranteed! By combining bodybuilding with cardio, or diet, you will certainly lose weight: your body will gain in firmness and thinness.

It also makes it a very effective way to fight against the loss of muscle tone, and maintain your health and fitness when you reach 40-50 years.

For women wanting to get a slimmer body, more athletic, without focusing only on the scale needle, bodybuilding is perfect!

3. Improved posture

Bad habits, repeated for many years at school, in the office or during your trips, can end up having consequences on your figure and your posture. An arched appearance, with the rounded column and shoulders forward, is common when one is spending time working in a seated position.

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This bad posture will continue to deteriorate if you do nothing, and can in some cases turn into more serious health problems, with pain in the lower back or the neck.

Weight lifting, by strengthening the muscles of the back and abdominals, promotes a better sheathing and support of the spine, which helps correct arched or arched postures and straightens up.

But that’s not all! No doubt you are carrying your purse or your travel suitcase on the same side? You do well from time to time small challenges changing the shoulder, but it’s still a little “weird”, is not it?

Proper muscle building exercises will relieve back pain and prevent it from appearing. They will especially help to “rebalance” your body, both in terms of your figure and the strength of each of your muscles (why only have strength in one arm, when we can have as many in each?)

4. Self-confidence and well-being

Pushing your limits is good! Weight lifting training, like any sporting activity, is a source of beneficial effects for the body. During and after exercise the body produces endorphin. This natural substance has a direct impact on our mood by fighting anxiety, anxiety and stress.

After a session, we are more relaxed. Add to that the need for recovery and you understand why sport also has a positive impact on sleep.

Nor should the psychological effects of weight training be underestimated. See your body change as you make your efforts, reach the goals you set, get a sense of satisfaction and success.

We feel better about ourselves, we have more confidence in ourselves. In short, we feel attack to meet the innumerable challenges of everyday life!

5. The secret of TV star bodies? ( Weight Training OR Weightlifting)

benefits of weight lifting for women

Actresses, singers, models, etc. for the most part have toned bodies, with fine curves. They are in one of the magazines, or the muses of big brands of cosmetics. Far from returning the image of women too muscular, they symbolize on the contrary a certain ideal of femininity.

To maintain their physique no miracle solution. These are not the zero-calorie repeating diets or the occasional jogging, which allows them to be displayed with a dynamic form and an athletic silhouette.

To obtain firm arms, curved buttocks, or a flat stomach, they all apply similar recipes: muscle strengthening, especially through regular bodybuilding, supplemented by cardio or pilates.

To sculpt the body you dream of, maintain your shape and your health, do not be afraid to put on weight training!

6. Weight Training Tips For Women?

Weight Training Tips For Women

There is no fundamental difference between weight training as practiced by men and women. It applies the same exercises, the same principles in terms of series and repetitions. In addition, the programs used are often identical or similar.

On the other hand, the training is adapted to take into account objectives that may be different.

  • The weights used

If you are a beginner, it is obvious that you will use relatively low loads (but do not underestimate your power!), Especially since you will have to learn to master the technique of movements.

In any case, you will be able to quickly gain strength in your debut. In the end, you will do wonders, and develop physical abilities that you can not suspect of existence! But again, gaining strength does not mean taking volume!

It is easy to drive your workouts to limit muscle gain. Different options are available to you:

  1. Go to endurance work, in long sets (15-20 repetitions) and with light weights.
  2. Plyometric exercises to develop power and explosiveness.
  3. And the work of force! Greater loads and shorter series (less than 6 repetitions) are preferred. Be sure, however, to master perfectly the technique of performing the exercises practiced not to expose your joints to injury.

Vary the intensity of your sessions according to your objectives, and do not hesitate to mix the types of work!

  • Practiced exercises

It is, of course, necessary to select those which are adapted to the objectives which you have set. All movements practiced by men are accessible to you, do not limit yourself to machines! That said, if you do not feel confident, that you feel not to control your gesture or the loads used, do not hesitate to delete some movements or to replace them. You can return once you have gained strength, muscle coordination and confidence.

You can also already eliminate some movements if you want to avoid developing a size too imposing. In particular, these are exercises that require the middle beam of the shoulder, or those developing the back in width, and responsible for the famous V-shaped figure so much sought after by men.

Conversely, some exercises should be preferred according to your objectives:

  • Those seeking the trapezius and developing the back in thickness will help you improve your posture. They will also allow you to straighten up while making more out your chest.
  • If you suffer from low back pain, strengthening your lumbar and abs will improve your posture and relieve your spine.
  • To work your glutes make priority exercises such as the deadlift, the squats legs widely apart, the slots on the market, the bench mounted.
  • For a flat stomach and firm and especially for abdominals that serve you for something.
  • Specific programs

Although women can perform programs identical to men, if necessary by adapting the number of series and repetitions, there are many that are directly addressed to them.

Of these, they prefer full-body ones, ie those that target the entire body during workouts. They are the most suitable to start. They offer the opportunity to learn basic movements (poly-articular), before moving on to more technical, and can go with short but intense sessions conducive to weight loss.

Programs alternating work from the upper and lower body can also be interesting if they do not include too many insulation exercises at the expense of basic movements.

When you have selected a program, think about changing it at your own pace. The gains in strength being generally longer than in men, nothing abnormal that you put more time to increase the number of repetitions and to increase the loads. Take your time, progress step by step.

To work the pectorals is without impact on the breast

Contrary to information sometimes incorrectly repeated, muscle pectoral has for a woman almost no impact on their breast. The bodybuilding does not help to lift the breasts and has no effect on their maintenance or their size.

This is very simply explained: the breasts are not muscles. They consist mainly of fat and are therefore absolutely not required during weight training exercises. Working the pectorals, therefore, has no direct impact on them. This may have a small influence in promoting blood circulation or helping to firm up the skin in this area, but the effect remains anecdotal.

Even long-term training will not change anything. Especially, since the pectorals and breasts have a different shape. Developed pectorals would, therefore, be far from having the aesthetic appearance expected at the level of the chest.

Conclusion: Try bodybuilding Or Weight Training Or Weight Lifting!

Once you have passed the irrational fear of becoming too muscular, there are many other benefits that it is likely to bring you. If you want to lose weight, tone your body, complete your sport and progress, or just stay in shape, it will help you achieve your goals.

You can combine strength training and cardio (low or high intensity), and you will learn to combine your workouts with quality nutrition. You will see that your fitness will improve quickly.

Take care of your health and apprehend your daily life with confidence is at your fingertips!

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