Yoga is one of the best ancient form of exercise and stress buster. It is the best way of fighting against long term diseases and keeping oneself fit, healthy and active. Yoga is a way of exercise through which we can focus and gain control over our mind, soul and body. It especially is an effective and efficient one in fighting against stubborn stored fats. Yoga is in process by the people ageing above 40 years mostly for losing weight. If done with discipline the results are shown sooner within at least 3 weeks.

Yoga helps in the transformation of our body in a vast number of ways.

The multi-gains are:
a) Lowers the risk of heart related issues
b) Improves brain functioning
c) Lowers our stress levels
d) Increases flexibility of the body
e) Lower’s the body’s blood pressure
f) Improves one’s lung capacity
g) Reduces chronic neck and spine or back pain
h) Helps in relieving anxiety
i) Lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic patients
j) Helps in improving sense of balance
k) Strengthens bones
l) Customises body weight
m) Stimulates the liver
n) Purifies the blood and removes harmful chemicals
o) A strong liver eliminates unwanted fats from the body

Common Yoga Poses
1) Warrior Pose —


The benefits of warrior pose is that it stretches and open the sides of the body and improves the balance, concentration and body strength. It also energises the complete body, improves circulation of blood and strengthens muscles.
Effective for people with back pain.

2) Chair Pose



Chair pose or Utkatasana is the best yoga exercise to strengthen and tone the muscles of back, hips, glute, ankle and the knee. This yoga exercise is named so as the body poses like the shape of a chair. There may be pain felt in one’s legs in the early days but gradually it will vanish.

3) Boat Pose


This is the best yoga for toning the abdominal muscles. In this exercise one has to sit on a mat and raise his legs to 45° approx. The spine should be straight making the body a V-shape. This exercise increases our body’s lower and upper body strength and also cuts down the tummy fat.

4) Cobbler’s Pose


The cobbler’s pose or Baddha Konasana is one of the easiest and most helpful pose of Yoga. In this one need to sit down with a straight spine, knees bent and soles of the feet facing each other. In helps in weight loss by stimulating abdominal muscles.

5) Locust Pose


The Salabhasana or the Locust pose is the best asana for weight loss as it stretches the whole body from the thorax to the abdomen, upper and lower back and buttocks. The posture should be made with face down and the palms facing the ground lifting the legs without bending the knees. This yoga exercise helps in reducing the fats near the hips.

6) Camel Pose


The Camel pose or the Ustrasana targets the most stubborn fats accumulated in the stomach, back and thighs. The posture demands to bend backwards, stretching out the chest and tummy. The weight of the whole body is felt in the arms. This posture is useful to reduce fats in almost all the areas of the body.