Often people do not know their exercise regimen and they start looking for all kinds of advice to get started at the gym. Most of these people are with a big belly and are looking to get in shape. The problem they face, is with the huge amount of gym equipment available in the gym. Most of these are highly complex, you can end up using a machine wrong and not see the intended results.

Try our guide to the most popular exercise machines, with a high-intensity 20-minute workout geared for each. Your goals: Bust your exercise rut, and your gut, in record time.

This can be remedied by simply learning the use of the different exercise machines and Blast Fat with Exercise Machines.

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Exercise Machine is Best for Losing Belly Fat

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What Exercise Machine Burns the Most Belly Fat?

So, you know you want to work on reducing belly fat and go to the gym. There are now many machines that can help you get started on your fight with belly fat. But the most effective are the dumbbells & kettlebells. In combination with body weight, a simple dumbbell can work wonders.

Exercise With Dumbbells For Weight Loss

A spell caster is a fun exercise that targets your abs. This exercise builds your core and requires a set of dumbbells. Here’s how you do it.

We start off with your feet placed a foot apart facing the same direction. Hold the dumbbells in a pronated grip to your sides. Now pull the dumbbells to one side while moving your body. Now swing the dumbbells, from one side to the other side while keeping control of the dumbbells. And repeat to the other side.

Exercise precautions: Don’t swing your arms as in a throwing motion. Slowly move your arms while keeping your back straight and the core tightened. Rotate the torso gently.

Cross jab: A cross jab is another effective routine for the abdomen involving dumbbells. We start off with a position very similar to sit-ups. Lie on the floor facing the ceiling and bend your knees. Now grab a pair of dumbbells and raise your feet. As you raise your torso, go for a jab to the opposite direction i.e. punch to your left with your right with your left hand and vice versa. In the slow version of the exercise, punch once for every time you raise. However, as you build core strength, to the point your abs begin to show, you can further stretch it to, both jabs in the same torso raise.

Barbell is Another Great Equipment

A barbell can help you exercise all parts of your body. For the abdomen we can use the barbell in the following exercises;

Landmine 180: Face a wall and place one end of the barbell at the wall, so it does not go away from you as you exercise. Load appropriate weights at the other end of the barbell. Now raise the bar to shoulder height with both hands. Place your feet at least a foot apart, facing the barbell. Now swing the barbell till your hips on either side using both hands. Keep your arms extended throughout the exercise. Your hips & torso will also move as you move the weights. This is a part of the exercise and nothing to worry about. Continue moving the weight to both sides of your body until the advised number of reps is complete.

Barbell Ab rollout: The starting position for this exercise is very similar to the push-up position. The changes here are in the hand placements. Here we place our hands on a barbell. Next you roll the barbell towards and away from you as part of the exercise. Very similar to push-ups, a slightly easier version of the exercise can be performed on the knees instead of being on your feet.

Pull the cable for a tighter abdomen

Cable is a great way to transfer the workout performed throughout the hands to the abdomen. Most machine in the gym support cable exercises. Here are some exercises to get you started with the cable. [1]

Standing cable lift: Add a handle to the cable and adjust the weights accordingly. Stand perpendicular to the cable machine. With your side to the cable, while holding the handle, step a couple of feet away from the machine. Now pull the cable handle to shoulder height on the side away from the machine. Keep your back straight and arms close to your body for best results. Hold this position for a couple of seconds. Then slowly bring your arms back to their starting position. Finish your reps and repeat the exercise for the other side as well. For optimal results, keep your abs tighten at all time during the exercise.[2]

Cable Crunch: We perform this exercise with a machine with a high pulley containing a cable attachment. Pull the cable till your hands are placed next to your face, while kneeling. Face the machine and adjust the weights accordingly. We start exercising by pulling the cable down while keeping our hands to the side of our face while keeping our back straight. Choose the weights appropriately. Do not overload the machines with weights in an overzealous nature.

Using machines to exercise your abdomen

A time-tested way to exercise your abdomen is to perform crunches. However, they take a long amount of time and need to be performed regularly and in large numbers. This time can be reduced with the help of machines. Here’s how you do it.

Machine Ab Crunch: Place your feet under the pads provided and load a smaller weight on the machine. Grab the top handle while flexing your arms in the front and place your back against the machine snugly. Now go for the foetal position while holding onto the machine. Lift your legs and start crunching your abdomen. Use your core to perform the movements and do not lock your joints. Repeat the exercise to the prescribed number of repetitions.

Machine assisted hip raise: Hip raise is a very common exercise among people looking to build their abdomen. Where on the one hand, hip raise does not require any machine, machine assisted hip raise if a more intense form of the traditional exercise. Here’s how you do it.

Lie down on a bench under a Smith Machine. Now raise your feet up to reach the barbell and hold the sides of the machine for support. Bend your knees slightly, and check if the weight on the barbell is fine. Use a low weight and pull the barbell down while keeping your knees bend. Raise your spine when pushing the barbell back and continue for the advised number of reps.

Here are some precautions:

  • Do not lock your joints.
  • Use your core to exercise d not focus on other parts of the body while exercising
  • Keep your core tightened while exercising
  • Do not pull in one single motion. Always Pull or push gradually while bearing the load.
  • Do not be overzealous. Always select the weights a little lighter than you can go for.
  • Pushing yourself for that 2-3 extra reps is great. 10-15 is not.
  • And always, FEEL THE BURN!

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